The 6th generation of atomic frequency standards at NBS
NBS-6 is 6 metres long and keeps time with an accuracy
of about 3 millionths of a second per year.
2014-03-14 10:30
Public Domain — courtesy of U.S. federal government

Tube deflection under load

This software calculates the degree to which a tube will deflect under load due to mass influenced by Earth's gravity at sea level, and determines whether the deflection will be acceptable or not, according to German Health & Safety guidelines.

This tool has been designed for PEK3 product specifications — if you would like a similar tool, please contact us, and be prepared to have your data validated by a chartered engineer!

Weight/ load (kg)
№ of Parallel Tubes

θ : Angle ° (degrees)
Length (mm)
Outer diameter (mm)
Wall thickness (mm)


  1. This tool is only a simple guide to help you design and check your application.
  2. Bending under load is only one of many factors affecting safe design and use of your application. It should not be taken in isolation. See our assembly guide for further details.