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Legal information

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Financial information

Official address
The Media Centre
7 Northumberland Street
Financial status & official reports
AAABIT is a financially stable business with modest fixed costs. We pay our suppliers promptly. We complete all relevant tax returns and promptly pay all taxes due. AAABIT is under no other moral, legal or professional obligation to publish any financial data.
Legal identity, proprietors & investors
Matthew Slyman is a citizen and tax-resident of the United Kingdom and is registered with the tax authorities of the United Kingdom as a sole trader, trading as AAABIT. AAABIT was established on 6th April 2004.
VAT registration
Our HMRC-issued VAT registration number: GB151248040

Intellectual property

All rights reserved by us and our suppliers
We reserve the exclusive right to distribute our products or to profit from the sale of our products. Payment against our invoices does not entail transfer of software ownership, system design details or other intellectual property from us or our suppliers. All software designed by AAABIT remains the sole property of AAABIT. Our software products are licensed (not sold). You may not use software that has not been properly licensed. Unauthorised reverse-engineering or copying are prohibited. We alone may rescind these rights, explicitly in writing.
Interactive features & user-submitted content
Anyone publishing content via our Web site affirms that they have full moral and legal authority to do so, and that such actions are performed under their own true identity, under which they take full responsibility for such publications.
Notification of infringement (DMCA)
We take notifications of infringement seriously, where notifications are credible, polite & detailed. To notify us of any allegedly infringing content, please use our online contact form.
Open-source declaration
We use tools and resources developed by carefully selected commercial suppliers and “free & open-source communities, and we are grateful to our community and commercial partners for their respective contributions to our work. We encourage our workers to contribute actively in technical support forums, and wherever possible, we release our products under permissive free-and-open-source licences. Third-party resources used on this Web site include Octicons, flag images & Creative Commons licence icons, and background images (learn more about these by hovering your pointer near the bottom far-side corner of your browser window!)

Privacy policies🔑

Information Commissioners Office: official registration
Our UK Data Protection Act registration: no. Z9071433
Security, jurisdiction & legal standards
AAABIT provides a professional service committed to data protection principles such as privacy and information security. We store our clients' data exclusively on well-maintained & adequately secured machinery within the client's home country or within nearby jurisdictions where similar legal standards apply: where we supply digital services across borders, we apply the stricter standards of data privacy, giving the greater protection to our data subjects & clients. The efforts we make to secure our systems are commensurate with the types of data stored and the likely security threats. We select upstream suppliers carefully and encourage all concerned to implement secure and workable data protection policies and procedures. For more specific and technical information about our data collection, privacy, and security policies; please visit our privacy data page.
Collection and use of data
Client-supplied data stored in AAABIT systems remain the property of said client(s) or the relevant data subject(s). Rights to the value added by AAABIT to these data remain with AAABIT until payment in full is received. We reserve the right to extract anonymous aggregate data to help improve our products and services: by using our products or services, you give us permission to do this. We only collect sensitive data when required: we conduct regular audits to ensure that we are only storing information necessary to support legitimate processes. Publicly accessible information stored in our systems by third parties may be moderated, edited, or deleted without prior notice by AAABIT; to maintain accuracy, to ensure the stability or sustainability of our services, or for other editorial, administrative, or legal reasons. Additional privacy protection policies may apply to records that we store or process on behalf of our clients: where multiple agreements, contracts, jurisdictions or regulations apply, we shall endeavour to act in the best interests of the data subject(s), and in accordance with the law.
Principle of informed consent, declaration of identity
We apply the principle of informed consent. Except to fulfil the legitimate requirements of the law, we will never transfer data owned by clients or third-party data-subjects to any person or organisation that does not agree with these terms and conditions, without the express consent of the data owners. For your part, you agree only to transact business here (log in, communicate, read/amend confidential data, undertake agreements, make financial transactions etc.) under the auspices of your own real official identity.

Terms and conditions⚖

By obtaining, storing, installing, using or distributing any of our products or services, you agree to our terms and conditions. You will not distribute our products to anyone who does not agree to our terms and conditions. If any provision of this agreement is held by a competent legal authority to be invalid, illegal or unenforcible; you agree to be bound by the remaining provisions.
Benevolence & legality
You will not use any of our products in any way or so as to support any purpose; that is illegal, or that might reasonably be anticipated to cause any actual harm or threat of harm, to any other persons. Within these bounds, you are permitted to use our products to support competitive economic activities where such activities are more productive than anti-competitive: your activities should preserve or add value to our society, our economy or our environment. If you have any questions about these conditions, please contact us.
Indemnification & limitation of remedies
To the maximum extent permitted by law, you indemnify us against all losses alleged to arise from the use of our products or services above the amount you have paid us for such products or services within the preceding period of 180 calendar days prior to you notifying us of such losses. Reimbursement or compensation for any failure of continuously supplied services will be assessed pro-rata on this basis (so that pro-rata payment for services provided prior to 180 days before your complaint is received will not be recoverable).
In the event of any dispute over any matter of business conducted wholly or partly in the United Kingdom, the laws and justices of the United Kingdom will be the exclusive and final authority of arbitration; except where an alternative venue is mutually agreed in advance, in writing. For business conducted partly in Europe, EU/ECJ or member-state mediation or jurisdiction may be available by mutual agreement, for counterparties covering in advance our additional expenses in travel, accommodation, research, & representation.