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Assorted digital displays showing
numbers in different colours,
format and pixellation
2011-03-07 13:35

Example 17: Form validation

Here we test all of the form validation controls.

This test is obsolete because the form validation procedures have been adopted into HTML5, and removed from the Javascript library: you are therefore only testing your browser's built-in form validation functions. The validation indicator appears to be broken, and might need to be reconfigured to work with the built-in HTML5 form validation events.

invalid Event model options
Unsupported by this browser
Calendar controls
  • type=datetime
  • type=datetime-local
  • type=date (no step)
  • type=month step=2
  • type=week step=2
  • type=time step=any
Text input
  • type=text (required)
  • type=text (pattern="\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d\d\d")
  • type=text (required pattern="\(\d\d\d\) \d\d\d-\d\d\d\d")
  • type=email (required, overriding oninvalid)
  • type=text (required)
  • type=text (pattern="")
  • type=url (required pattern)
  • (length should be 7) maxlength=10 (QUESTION: what about when maxlength < len(defaultValue))
  • type=range default step = 1
  • type=number min=-127, max=128, step=0.5
Non-input required

Favorite color:

Favorite food:


Event Log
Form is valid!
# Type Element Model
(Click the "check validity" button above to fire events)

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