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Assorted digital displays showing
numbers in different colours,
format and pixellation
2011-03-07 13:35

Example 13: Repeated Photo Albums

The following demonstrates repetition model-driven content in nested repetition templates. Note the use of repetition indexes in img[src], img[alt], and img[repeat-start] attributes, as well as in the background-image CSS property within a style attribute. If your browser supports addEventListener, you will see a dynamic count of the photos in an album, and you will be able to delete a photo by clicking it. There are only images for numbers from 0 to 16. Opera 9.02 does not display the repetition model-driven background image, and furthermore it does not correctly initialize the nested repetition template; this is probably due to the repetition index appearing in the repeat-start which Opera requires to be an integer.

Album #[albums] Photo album #

There are currently 0 photo(s) in this album. Click on a photo to delete it.

(max-repeat = 17; repeat-start = repetitionIndex)
Image in album [albums], with repetition index [album[albums].photos]

Graphics originally from <http://school.discovery.com/clipart/category/letr0.html> (link broken!)

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