The Painted Cliffs, Maria Island
National Park, Tasmania, Australia
2009-11-23 20:44
JJ Harrison

Our environmental responsibility🍂

Our products and services help our customers to utilise resources efficiently and reduce waste. We believe that it makes good business sense to work in harmony with the sustainable resources and needs of our natural and business environments: by developing new products to serve emerging niche markets defined by under-serviced needs, by developing partnerships that strengthen our services, and by making our services more resilient to disruption.

Environmental & social footprint

We operate within a small footprint of energy, carbon and raw materials, and choose renewable energy where possible: our environmental impact is minimal. We reuse, repair, recycle, and renew responsibly, handle waste appropriately, and take good care of property and natural habitats. We provide a safe, secure, healthy, and sustainable working environment.

Sustainable strategic decision-making

We consider quality, efficiency, sustainability, environmental and human/ social impacts when choosing suppliers or when evaluating where to compete, and where to cooperate or commission supplier services. We never pay ransoms or bribes. We compete fairly, vigorously, and transparently; to develop our human assets and support a healthy market ecosystem.

Accountability and mutuality

We follow a triple-bottom-line plus time accounting, or quadruple bottom line; philosophy in developing our business. Where appropriate, our business externalities are internalized by placing a nominal financial value on the total effects of our actions, to facilitate a holistic community-minded comparison of costs & benefits. We promptly pay all taxes & supplier invoices due.

Charitable contributions

We donate surplus processing power to scientific research projects e.g. folding@home, POEM@Home, climateprediction.net, GPU Grid, and other disease control projects. We make a positive contribution to civic affairs. We augment public information services and support the development of industry standards, technical support forums, and other community projects.