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Salisbury, England
Sanjay Nair
2011-11-19 15:25:25

A4 weekly year planner

Year planner as printed


A full calendar year is printed on one A4 sized sheet of paper. ISO 8601 week numbers are included. Calendar months are shaded in alternate colours.

Changing the year number in Cell A1 automatically produces a complete new year-planner.

This year planner design features date calculation formulae and conditional formatting. No VBA code is used. Static or calculated cells are protected, but may be unprotected without a password.


Creative Commons Licence A4 Weekly Year Planner by AAABIT is licensed under a CC-BY-4.0 International Licence. We supply A4 Weekly Year Planner free of charge on these conditions.

Download (free of charge)

Download Size Format
File download iconA4 weekly year planner 11KiB Microsoft Excel® .xltx template; 7-Zip .7z compressed.

Why is this free?

We offer bespoke document templates and SQL services including form, query and report development. Our work includes financial, date and date-range based calculations. This is a basic free sample of our beautiful, simple and powerful solutions.
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Created by Matthew Slyman.