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Swiss Re Headquarters
London, England
2006-07-31 10:16

Our products

Here are some examples of our work. For more information, please contact us!

Algorithms & calculation tools

Bin-packing algorithm / 1D cutting optimization algorithm

A bin-packing (linear cutting optimization) algorithm. Learn more →

Tube deflection under load

A tool for calculating the deflection of a tube under load. Learn more →

Prime factorization algorithm

A simple two-stage (trial division, database lookup) prime factorizer. Learn more →

Dashboards: information filtering, prioritization, & presentation

Live news filtering technology demonstration

News aggregation, prioritisation & filtering service. Visit →

Databases, search engines, SQL reporting, & communication tools

Professional Mentoring directory

Employment mentor database & search engine. Visit →

Work Choice Profiling

Psychometric testing for career selection. Visit →

Documents & templates

A4 printable 2017 British coins (educational)

For primary school (Key Stage 1) mathematics. In ODG or PDF format. Learn more →

A4 printable clock-faces (educational)

48× clock-faces at 15-minute intervals. Blank 24× or 48× per A4 sheet. In ODG or PDF format. Learn more →

A4 printable geometric shapes & wave-forms (educational)

For early-years educational intervention in mark-making. In Microsoft Visio® or PDF format. Learn more →

A4 weekly year planner

In Microsoft Excel® format. Learn more →

Mathematical data

Databases of prime numbers

For Microsoft Access®. Learn more →

Software components

Javascript DOM Repetition Model

Javascript library for HTML DOM Repetition Model. Learn more →

Language selection algorithm

Personalize the language language options presented to your Web site users. Learn more →

Microtime (“µTime”) PHP class

Generates, compares and displays Unix time stamps with microsecond component. Learn more →

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