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Jodrell Bank radio observatory
Cheshire, England
Allen Watkin, 2009-05-24 11:35

Privacy, identification and data collection

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We never host any third-party cookies — we will never help data aggregation, credit-referencing or advertising companies or other third parties track your navigation and activities around the internet at large.
Session cookies
We use session cookies to help improve our service to you, and specify cookie attributes for improved security. Session cookies enable us to remember your preferences and service your requests securely.
Persistent cookies
At the time of writing, we are not using persistent cookies to identify our users; however, we may still try to identify repeat visits, e.g. for security and commercial reasons, or when users log in or transact business.
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Any third-party advertisement images or other media resources displayed on our website will always be hosted by us or by our hosting suppliers; in order to protect your privacy.

Data collection, retention and processing policies

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We record this information in our databases for various reasons including security and traffic analysis to enhance and protect our website so as to serve you better. We will usually delete your network address data after a period of 1–7 years before erasing or anonymising these data, depending on the reasons why we are retaining it.
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We use your network address data to estimate your real-world location, e.g. to provide you with more relevant information using languages and communication customs you are likely to prefer. Depending on the services you request from us, we might ask for more detailed information about your location by querying GPS parameters via Javascript. We accumulate statistics on visitor demographics and use these statistics to focus our business activities and inform our business strategy.
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Your Web browser tells us which languages you have specified that you prefer. We use this information to customise the presentation of our Web site and to inform our user-interface development efforts.
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Where possible, we identify your Web browser software. This enables us to focus our software testing on the browsers most frequently used on this website, focus our break-fix efforts on the browsers used to submit support tickets, and customise our website for improved compatibility.
💳No payment card data stored or processed here!
We do not store nor process payment card data nor other payment credentials belonging to any third parties! Any payment mechanism you see on our site will be provided by a third-party payment processing service. We are working to increasingly conform to PCI DSS standards, despite not being under any legal or contractual obligation to do so.
Strong cryptographic security
We always store authentication secrets (e.g. passwords) in salted and hashed form, using an increasingly slow crytographic hash function. We enforce strict password strength policies.
To help protect your privacy, our server is configured to require strong SSL/TLS cryptography for all HTTP connections: therefore, some obsolete operating systems or Web browsers may be incompatible with our Web site.

Privacy policies🔑

Information Commissioners Office: official registration
Our UK Data Protection Act registration: no. Z9071433
Security, jurisdiction & legal standards
AAABIT provides a professional service committed to data protection principles such as privacy and information security. We store our clients' data exclusively on well-maintained & adequately secured machinery within the client's home country or within nearby jurisdictions where similar legal standards apply. The efforts we make to secure our systems are commensurate with the types of data stored and the likely security threats. We select upstream suppliers carefully and encourage all concerned to implement secure and workable data protection policies and procedures. For more specific and technical information about our data collection, privacy, and security policies; please visit our privacy data page.
Collection and use of data
Client-supplied data stored in AAABIT systems remain the property of said client(s) or relevant data subject(s). Rights to the value added by AAABIT to these data remain with AAABIT until payment in full is received. We reserve the right to extract anonymous aggregate data to help improve our products and services: by using our products or services, you give permission for us to do this. We do not collect sensitive data without good reason. We conduct regular audits to ensure that we are not storing more information than is legal and necessary, before deleting any data that are no longer required. Publicly accessible information stored on our systems by third parties may be moderated, edited or deleted without prior notice by AAABIT, e.g. for purposes of maintaining accuracy, for ensuring the stability or sustainability of our services, or for other editorial or legal reasons. Additional privacy protection policies may apply to records that we store or process on behalf of our clients.
Principle of informed consent, declaration of identity
We apply the principle of informed consent. Except to fulfil the legitimate requirements of the law, we will never transfer data owned by clients or third-party data-subjects to any person or organisation that does not agree with these terms and conditions, without the express consent of the data owners. For your part, you agree only to transact business here (log in, communicate, read/amend confidential data, undertake agreements, make financial transactions etc.) under the auspices of your own real official identity.