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Columbia Center
Seattle, WA, USA
2007-08-27 19:57

People and Qualifications, Experience

Photograph of Matthew Slyman

Proprietor, Consultant Software Engineer:

Matthew Slyman, M.A. (Camb.)

Highly qualified and driven by a determination to see every project through to a satisfactory conclusion; our founder and proprietor works to high standards of personal integrity and technical excellence. A graduate of Cambridge University with an M.A. in Computer Science. Matthew has no criminal convictions, is a married father of three children, and has been cleared by the UK government to work with data relating to children and other vulnerable people. He is active in community software development and technical support forums.

Study interests

Business, economics & ethics
Communication & coordination, incentivisation, resource optimisation & scheduling, ergonomics & safety, disruptive technology, professional ethics, psychology
Science, technology, engineering & mathematics
Software/security engineering, optimisation & reconciliation algorithms, number theory, topology, geometry, graphics, user interfaces, ergonomics, electronics, semiconductors and manufacturing

Work projects & community involvements

Social media presence: