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Swiss Re Headquarters
London, England
2006-07-31 10:16

Our services

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Software development & consultation services

Consultative document design & software development, in MSOffice/VBA or LibreOffice

We can design & build custom Microsoft Office or LibreOffice documents, templates, & automation features.

Consultative software development, in PHP/HTML/CSS/JS

Software for the World Wide Web, or for your intranet. Delivered as a service via our reliable Web infrastructure.

Software commissioning & purchasing

We can advise your software commissioning & purchasing team on how to negotiate a favourable contract.

Security auditing

We can check your software security, review your data security liabilities, and certify your data protection registration.

VBA code 32→64-bit upgrade

We can upgrade your 32-bit VBA code to 64-bit VBA code.

Managed Web services

We can install, host & manage your WordPress Web site, domain-name, and email. Includes SSL/TLS (https), WordPress updates and security management. We can also configure & manage GNU MailMan, providing your team with a convenient & private method of mass communication.