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Algorithms & calculation tools

Bin-packing algorithm / 1D cutting optimisation algorithm

A bin-packing (linear cutting optimisation) algorithm.

Tube deflection under load

A tool for calculating the deflection of a tube under load.

Prime factorisation algorithm

A simple two-stage (trial division, database lookup) prime factoriser.

Dashboards: information filtering, prioritisation, & presentation

Live news filtering technology demonstration

News aggregation, prioritisation & filtering service.

Databases, search engines, SQL reporting, & communication tools

Professional Mentoring directory

Employment mentor database & search engine.

Work Choice Profiling

Psychometric testing for career selection.

Documents & templates

A4 printable 2017 British coins (educational)

For primary school (Key Stage 1) mathematics. In ODG or PDF format.

A4 printable clock-faces (educational)

48× clock-faces at 15-minute intervals. Blank 24× or 48× per A4 sheet. In ODG or PDF format.

A4 printable geometric shapes & wave-forms (educational)

For early-years educational intervention in mark-making. In Microsoft Visio® or PDF format.

A4 weekly year planner

In Microsoft Excel® format.

Educational software

Times Tables practice/test

For KS1/KS2 Primary School students to practice mathematics/ times tables.

Mathematical data

Databases of prime numbers

For Microsoft Access®.

Software components

Javascript DOM Repetition Model

Javascript library for HTML DOM Repetition Model.

Language selection algorithm

Personalise the language language options presented to your Web site users.

Microtime (“µTime”) PHP class

Generates, compares and displays Unix time stamps with microsecond component.