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Scott Detwiler
2012-12-28 17:35:42

Databases of prime numbers


Microsoft® Windows® & Access® have built-in ODBC features enabling conversion into any ODBC-compliant format. Example VBA source code is included for working with these databases.


Creative Commons Licence by AAABIT is licensed under a CC-BY-SA-4.0 International Licence. We supply ℙ free of charge on these conditions.


Download Size Validation Format
Download ℙ<227 28MiB Microsoft Access® .accdb; 7-Zip .7z compressed.
Download ℙ<230 203MiB Microsoft Access® .accdb; 7-Zip .7z compressed.

Software requirements

Why is this free?

We are using these files to test our user-interface, URL translation, download relay, load management, traffic analysis, network, database, and calculation systems. We are professionally interested in the progress of education in mathematics and engineering.

Comparable resources

The Nth Prime Page can be used to verify any small random sample of primes listed within our databases.

Independently calculated ℙ<10¹⁰ are available at Mr. T. Everett's Web site in a delimited text based format (change the filename extensions to ".7z" before opening with 7-Zip!)

A basic prime factorisation algorithm is also available on this Web site.