Panoramic winter view of Crater Lake
in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
from Rim Village
2012-11-14 12:18:59

Healthy workplace

Our products and services are designed to help us to develop happy, healthy, and productive workplaces; with a varied and interesting diet of physical, mental, and social activities for every person, and an appropriate balance of individual and common responsibilities. We use our own software to run our own business. We apply ergonomic principles and industry best-practices to design high-quality, durable, adaptable solutions to both the common and the unique challenges of our business.

Physical health

We promote good posture, nutrition, exercise, rest, and occupational health. Our policies and procedures, machinery, furniture, and office spaces; are designed to protect workers, accommodate individual needs, and to enhance personal development, team value and productivity. We use lighting, heating and communication filtering to sustain healthy circadian rhythms, and we provide the option of the Dvorak simplified keyboard layout to reduce exposure to repetitive strain.

Psychological health

Our project schedules support a healthy work-life balance. We recognize that human dignity requires hard work to accomplish worthy, profitable, common objectives. We communicate in simple language, and seek to maintain equal & mutually beneficial relationships. Our business processes, products, and services are designed to alleviate information-overload, eliminate common stress-stimuli, and facilitate a broad range of valid approaches to work and communication.

Emotional health & spiritual wellbeing

Our work is “lean”, “resource-efficient”, or “just-in-time” where appropriate; yet robust, fault-tolerant, or tamper-resistant where necessary: we monitor service levels, anticipate failure modes or attack profiles, plan disaster recovery contingencies, and provide redundant labor and resource capacity to prevent crisis. We respect individual conscience and contemplative feedback, and uphold the interests, desires, and reputations; of our workers, partners, suppliers, customers, etc.

Social, cultural, and financial development

We share information wherever this may be done legally, beneficially, harmlessly, and economically. We lead by example and seek to share meaningful decision-making power or strategic influence, recognition, and rewards; with all of our stakeholders in proportion with their expertise, effort, and contribution. Our social priorities include equality and ideological balance (for unbiased product design and broad market relevancy), and common financial stability and progression.