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Sunset on the beach
of Marina di Pisa, Italy
Luigi Pietro Scantamburlo
2015-11-29 17:56:17

A4 Printable Shapes & Wave-forms


Geometric shapes and wave-forms, for early-years educational intervention in mark-making through tracing.


Creative Commons Licence A4 Printable Shapes & Wave-forms by AAABIT is licensed under a CC-BY-NC-4.0 International Licence. We supply A4 Printable Shapes & Wave-forms free of charge on these conditions.

File formats

Download (free of charge)

Download Size Format
File download iconA4 Printable Shapes & Wave-forms 13KiB PDF
File download iconA4 Printable Shapes & Wave-forms 417KiB Visio

Why is this free?

This is a basic free sample of our work. To obtain custom educational artwork or document templates, please contact us!

We are also using this resource to test certain features of our new content management system.

Authors and contributors

Created by Matthew Slyman.